DIY: Fun Paper Arts

Paper is a brittle, sensitive material that’s why it’s perfect for art making. It’s flexible and the possibilities you can do with it are endless. Elevate your card making concept by incorporating some of these paper arts. Books about paper arts are selling with aliexpress coupon code new member, but you can get these ideas here for free.


Japanese’s Art of Folding

We’re sure that you’ve heard about Japanese unique way of folding paper, the origami. This art existed hundreds of years ago in Japan. Japanese people found ways to fold paper creatively allowing them to create different objects. By just folding paper, they can create ornaments such as flowers, animals, and more. You don’t need many materials from Buttinette gutscheincode, you simply need a piece of paper and start folding. It takes practice. But there are countless resources you can find online.

Papel Picado

You’ve learned about origami from Japan. Here’s another one, Papel Picado. It originated from Mexico. To create this art, you’ll need scissors and sheets of paper. It will require some folding in order for you to create symmetrical designs. Papel Picado is common in fiestas as decorations. It makes sense to use colourful thin sheets of paper from New One gutscheincode. This type of paper is easier to cut and comes in different colour combinations. Papel Picado is somehow similar to the Chinese art of paper cutting. The process is quite different. Chinese paper cutting is more intricate and would require skills. But Papel Picado of Mexican is easier to pull off.

Paper Pulp Painting

Have you heard of India’s paper pulp painting? Paper pulp painting is quite easy. You’ll need colourful paper cuts and glue them together to form an image or design. Indians incorporate this form of paper art in their utilities being used at home such as baskets, tables, vase, and so on. Paper pulp painting is somehow a form of recycling. Recycling has never been this beautiful. Check out more things you can do with paper pulp painting on Kupon Pegipegi. You’ll get unlimited inspirations for designs.

Card Making

cardIt’s probably one of the oldest use of paper, card making. You don’t need special skills to make your own invitation cards. You can even use ordinary paper and fold it in half then simply draw a design or characters and write your personal message. If you are not that artsy, you can get materials from ล่าสุด ส่วนลด LAZADA. The papers are already pre-cut and have patterns you can outline. It’s a good way to practice your drawing skills as well while personalizing your cards.