How To Craft Personalized Invitations

How To Craft Personalized Invitations

Doing a personalized invitation is easier than you think. However, it could be time-consuming, but if you are a person who loves to bring smiles to others, the extra work would be worth it. DIY is fun and sparks creativity among us. It teaches how to be resourceful and help us save money on electronics. The best part is you can do this amazing activity with your family and friends.

Calligraphy Basics

Steve Jobs fell in love with calligraphy. It’s an art of writing. You may have bad penmanship but calligraphy is possible to learn. It takes practice though. The styles of calligraphy are limitless. You can even turn your own penmanship into calligraphy. One of the things you should remember when personalizing your invitations is the words should be readable. It’s easy to get carried away with the style, but don’t forget to make sure that your recipient would easily understand the message.

Doodles and Creative Designs

Don’t worry if you are not good at drawing. You can have free hands whenever you are making your own invitation. Feel free to let your mind tell your hand what to draw, even random characters inspired by the fibres of your imagination would be great. Be lavish in terms of colours and creativity. Don’t hold back. It’s time for your inner artist to take over.

A Catchy Sweet Message

The essence of invitation cards is the sweet message that comes with it. Create your greeting in your own words. If you are sending these invitations to your friends, write a message that only your friends will understand. You can be witty and add some sense of humour. These simple things elevate the whole experience into something fun. You can add some offers & couponsinside the invitation as a form of surprise. There are unlimited things you can do in nailing the invitation cards. Just be creative and let the ideas flow.