Katten Kaartje is a product of Jane’s dream. We allow special kids to visit our shop and work for a day. We want them to experience how it’s like to be normal kids. Since our shop can hold just a limited number of people, please contact us beforehand.

  •  Is digital Invitation better than a paper invitation?

It depends on you of course. For big parties that will require meticulous tracking and monitoring, a digital invitation is a good option. It’s cheaper and can be delivered through email without the requirement of postage. On the other hand, a paper invitation is more personal. Either way, both invitations are great. Plus, Katten Kaartje is using recycled papers for our invitations.

  • How long it would take for you to deliver bulk orders?

Jane is doing the designing of our cards, they will be laid out for printing which doesn’t take a lot of time to do. We can deliver as soon as 7 days from the time you made the request including sending them through the post office.

  • How much does it cost per card?

Our prices are affordable because we use recycled materials. It would be cheaper if you buy in bulk through our voucher codes and promo codes.

  • Do you do customize cards and let us insert our own design to the invitations?

Yes. Jane loves to see designs made by other individuals especially if there will be cats involved. She is also open for complex designs, too. If you want to insert your own design to your cards, we can definitely do that.

  • I want my cards to have a scent in them, can you do that?

Katten Kaartje is the expert when it comes to invitations. Incorporating scent to cards is definitely doable. There is a process involved in this request compared to the normal cards, so don’t forget to inform us ahead of time.