Art Therapy and Stress Relief

Art Therapy and Stress Relief

When Jane was diagnosed with autism, I was devastated to the core. I was depressed and felt pity for my little girl. Drawing became my outlet. I think she got her love for art from me because she will often see me drawing. Somehow drawing helped cope up with my situation, and it helped me become a better person. Here are the things I did to ease stress through my drawings.

Keep Your Drawing Book Small

It’s important that you carry your drawing book everywhere you go.  I used to have panic attacks. Whenever I’m feeling that it’s going to kick in, I take out the drawing book I bought from ashop online. I draw my feelings though I had no idea what to draw. In a way, it became an outlet to release my stress, my anger, and all the negative emotions I have in my heart. So, keep your drawing book small, so it can keep your company everywhere.

Mandalas Help Reduce Trauma

Mandalas are spiritual symbols of Buddhism. There have been recent studies that drawing mandalas can help reduce trauma. I have a big painted mandala at home. I would like to remind myself that the trauma I had was part of the past. It became a part of me for sure, but just like the mandala that symbolizes the universe, those bad experiences can be replaced with new good memories. We have a big universe. I highly recommend this step for people who are suffering from traumas.


Pour Your Anxiety on Paper Not on People

One thing I’ve learned from depression and anxiety is you should not release these negative emotions towards other people. At the time, I love to play the blame game. But there was a point that I became tired of this destructive habit. Instead of releasing these negative vibes that could ruin everybody’s day, I learned to put them on paper. I began to see the positive results it caused my life. I became more positive and happier.