Artistic Invitation Cards For Any Occasion

In times of special events, we always look forward to receiving invitation cards with cute kitty characters. There are plenty of invitation cards fromonline shops likeKatten Kaartje. We have been creating unique invitation cards perfect for special events. We give out special discounts for bulk orders, so you can get a lot more savings and have more budget for something else.

Paper Or Digital: Environment-Friendly

Katten Kaartje invites you to check out our wide range of collections from greeting designs to digital invitations. A lot of our customers has been asking us about digital invitation with customization. We listen to our customers, so we have designed digital invitation cards for a paperless event. It helps our environment by using lesser paper compared to the traditional invitation cards. However, if you want invitation cards made of paper because you are after the experience, Katten Kaartje is using recycled materials. Either way, you are choosing a company who gives value to the environment. There is no guilt about wasting paper any more with Katten Kaartje.

Scrapbooks and Ornaments

Are you an artsy person who likes to document special happenings in your life through scrapbook? If your answer is yes, Katten Kaartje has scrapbooks and ornaments for you. We are artsy and creative individuals, too. You can level up your scrapbooking by subscribing on our website and ordering some of our designs at affordable costs. Get our cute kitty stamps and stickers, they go well with any scrapbook. We also custom-made stickers for this purpose. If you have a design in mind, send us your design, and we can turn it to stickers, cards, and other meaningful accessories. We also sell strings and art materials package to those who are just getting started in the artsy world of scrapbooking.  


Katten Kaartje Accepts Job Orders for the ff:

Customized Invitations Cards Cartoon Characters Birthdays Baby Shower Parties and Other special events.

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We also sell Scrapbooks and other Art Materials

Katten Kaatje is all about bringing out the artsy in you. We also sell scrapbooks and art materials package perfect for beginners. You no longer need to create a list of the essentials you need because we’ll provide it to you in a box. You’ll stay organized, and you’ll also receive our own version of an artbook. Here, you’ll be given ideas on what to create and how to pull off any designs you have in mind. Thinking about giving someone a gift? Shop online using discounts and give them the best artsy gift ever.